Unterman Aviation has been involved in the purchase of over 5,500 general aviation aircraft over the last 42 years. Their knowledge and experience is now available to you to assist in the successful acquisition of aircraft. There is no need to take a chance with engines, airframes, possible damage, hidden non-recorded damage, corrosion, or simply paying too much for value received. Obtaining a proper aircraft, and one that you can safely rely on for the transportation of you and your family, is our number 1 goal.Buyer's & Sellers Advantage Programs

Gene Unterman will personally oversee all aspects of your involvement with our Buyers Advantage Program including the selection of the proper aircraft for your needs, experience, and budget. Our prices are lower than typical broker fees and the service we provide is far more extensive. For more information please call, email us or download a free PDF copy of "Buyer's & Seller's Advanage Programs"

Our services include:

***Take Advantage of Today's Buyers Market - Let us get you a Wholesale Price.***

  1. Initial evaluation of the aircraft’s value, both wholesale and retail.
  2. All phone conversations with the seller to insure accuracy in aircraft description. We know the right questions to ask and how to analyze the answers. We will conduct a thorough interrogation before incurring needless travel expenses. We will substantiate engine overhauls, yellow tags, AD listings, parts lists, etc., with our thorough and knowledgeable review of engine and airframe logs
  3. Complete price negotiations, no one does it better, with one low flat fee paid by you, depending on aircraft category.
  4. Complete inspection of aircraft, logs, title work, damage history, corrosion, compression testing and Borascope testing if necessary. All AD research, and thorough testing of all systems, including comprehensive flight-testing.
  5. The passing on of dealer discounts (which can be substantial and often far exceed a broker’s fee) are passed onto you.
  6. Additional price negotiating once the pre-purchase inspection is completed, unless the seller is willing to fix all items at their cost first.
  7. Complete all title work, including title interpretations and securing of all Lien releases.
  8. Handle complete closing and arrange delivery of aircraft to your ramp.


We will make our best efforts to obtain a squawk free aircraft at the lowest reasonable price possible – often at dealers wholesale price. You will not have to leave the comfort of your home or office unless, of course, you wish to be at the inspection or be involved in flight-testing. Our prices are very competitive and lower than those of a disinterested broker. When you compare the savings together with the savings of your precious time, our Buyers Advantage Program will take the hassle out of finding, selecting, and purchasing your new aircraft.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about our Exclusive Buyers Advantage Program and Inspection Service. We are certain we can be of valuable service to you. Let us explain how this service works, and then please feel free to contact us at any time regarding any questions you might have. Or just give us a call to talk airplanes!

FEES – We charge a flat fee, based on the type of aircraft you are looking for. No one will try to “bump you up” to a higher priced aircraft to increase his or her fee or commission. That is just one of the beauties of this program, not to mention the savings that can be negotiated by Gene Unterman such as the “Dealer Net Prices” extended to us, that we then pass on to you.


Single Engine
Light, fixed gear $5,000
Retractable, 4-place $5,500
Retractable, 6-place $6,500
Pressurized $7,500
Twin Engine
Light $8,500
Cabin Class $9,500
Business Turbo-prop $15,00
Business Jet, light $35,000
Business Jet, heavy $45,00

*Transport category aircraft quoted on request by type.

The fee is paid in thirds, as each phase commences. Checks, Visa®, MasterCard® or Pay Pal® are accepted. In addition to the fees listed above, there are expenses, but more on that later.

The knowledge and experience learned over 42 years, and from buying over 5,500 Piston and Turbine General Aviation aircraft, are now available to insure you a successful aircraft acquisition. Why take chances with engines, airframes, possible damage, hidden non-recorded damage, corrosion or simply paying too much for the value received, to say nothing of you and your family’s lives! Unterman Aviation will oversee all aspects of the transaction, including selecting the proper aircraft for your needs, experience, and budget.

We will use our best efforts to obtain a squawk-free aircraft at the lowest reasonable price possible, often at the dealer’s wholesale price. You will not have to leave the comfort of your home or office unless, of course, you wish to be at the inspection or be involved in flight-testing. Our prices are very competitive and are usually lower than those of a disinterested broker. When you compare the value and savings we provide, together with the savings of your precious time, our Buyers Advantage Program takes the hassle out of finding, selecting, and purchasing your new aircraft.


PHASE ONE – At the time you engage our services, we will research all sources available to us, starting with Trade-A-Plane and Controller, as they are the best single sources of the many online publications we consult. We also use several “dealer only” internet sites that allow us to see aircraft for sale, often before they appear in the popular publications. Our company also subscribes to Plane Fax as well as several computerized listing services and approximately 20 other publications, each month.

Through these sources, as well as through dealers we know who are reputable and specialize in a particular type of aircraft, we will compile specifications on the best (as many as necessary) aircraft available. We will discuss each aircraft with you in detail, including price evaluations. Together, we will decide which aircraft are the best possible candidates. We will also share information about aircraft we are not recommending for whatever reason, e.g., price, damage, etc. We feel that part of our responsibility is to educate you on the marketplace, so that when the “right” aircraft is available, you will know it, as well as us. We will contact only the OWNER OR EXCLUSIVE BROKER of those aircraft and drive them crazy with our questions. We will require them to substantiate their answers to us with hard copies of logs and yellow tags, 337s, as necessary, in order to separate fact from fiction. We will gather as much information as is humanly possible before making an offer or arranging a pre-purchase inspection. Our efforts will save you both time and money. We will continue this process for as long as necessary to find you the right aircraft, at the best price.

Once an aircraft has been selected, the price negotiations begin. All price reductions are negotiated strictly for you and passed on to you. This aspect alone may save you thousands of dollars more than our fee. The dollar savings is just part of it. Consider the time savings and safety considerations. You would typically pay a broker 6–7%, which equates to $15,000 to $17,500 on a $250,000 aircraft. With us, your savings are even greater on more expensive aircraft. Our fees are often lower because brokers do not pass along dealer net prices, assuming he/she is entitled to them.

The seller is informed that before a pre-purchase inspection is commenced, we expect him/her to put in writing representations and promises that all items will be in working order, that all Airworthiness Directives (ADs) have been complied with, and that everything will be in airworthy condition. We will advise you of the Aircraft Bluebook Digest price, which is the only true price digest. Don’t be confused by so called “sellers” price appraisal and evaluator systems like those found on the internet or Vreff. They are “Johnny come lately” price evaluators that were put together strictly for the purpose of getting the seller a higher price. Together, we will discuss enough aircraft so that you will have an accurate feel for the marketplace. Although we will not hesitate to suggest an appropriate price, the final decision on price, as well as all other matters, is yours. Once a mutually agreed upon price is established and we have the requested technical items, a pre-purchase inspection is in order. It is important to note that because of our 42 years of experience, knowing how to ask the right questions and evaluating emailed information before a trip is made, that there are rarely any surprises when the aircraft is inspected. This saves you money on wasted or extra trips and pre-purchase inspections.

PHASE TWO – At the commencement of Phase Two the 2nd third of the fee is due. The inspection phase includes mechanical inspection, compression check, Borascope (if necessary), logbooks, AD listings, cosmetic inspection and flight-testing. Turbo-charged, Turbine and pressurized aircraft are tested to flight levels. Flight-testing is not only done to determine that all systems are working, but also to determine that the aircraft flies straight when trimmed out with the autopilot off, a great method of determining damage to fuselage or wings. If you wish to be at the inspection site, your presence is welcome and you will learn a lot from watching the inspection. Sometimes, depending on aircraft type, location, who the seller is, and if you wish to pay the travel expenses, we will perform the inspection, personally. In many cases we are able to get the seller to bring the aircraft to our location, thus allowing for a personal inspection without travel expense. In many cases an independent, well-qualified shop will be used for the pre-purchase inspection, which saves you from having to incur our travel expenses.

Once the inspection is complete you will be informed of the results, in writing. We will compile a detailed list of any squawks. We require the owner/broker to sign the squawk list and agree to correct the problems, at their expense, or make the appropriate monetary concessions. This is the time when a final decision is needed and the owner/broker is deserving of a deposit if the decision is a “go”. Again, our research is so thorough that once we select an airplane to inspect, it is usually the one that is purchased. If, for any reason, the airplane is rejected upon inspection, there is no additional fee charged. You pay the fee only once, although there could be additional expenses if a second trip or pre-purchase inspection is required.

PHASE THREE – This phase varies depending on several factors, including whether you are paying cash or financing. We can help you with financing, and we know where to obtain the best rates. Of course, we will work with any financing firm or bank you may choose to use. Most regular aircraft financing institutions are familiar with us, and if they require a specific appraisal they are always more than happy to have it completed by us. We will complete all paperwork, evaluations, or appraisals that are required. We will handle all aspects of the closing, including complete title work and title evaluation to make sure there are no liens or “clouds” on the title. We will deliver the aircraft to your ramp, if you desire. Of course, if you have the time and want to have the fun of picking up the aircraft yourself, you are more than welcome to do so. With our services, the necessity and expense of escrow services are simply not needed, but you are always welcome to use them, if you would like. Remember, we are here to serve you, and to do so in the way that makes you feel most comfortable.

In most cases the closing process goes as follows: Once we have been advised that all necessary repairs have been made (via signed log book entries), we will have you or your bank forward a cashier’s check to us made out to the owner (some banks prefer to wire-transfer the money). We will inform the owner that we are ready for the closing and ask them to email us copies of the documents that they plan to provide at the time of closing. There is no point in going to a closing and finding out that the owner does not have all the required documentation to ensure a clear title. Once we are sure that all necessary documentation is in place, we will pick up the aircraft and make sure that the original documentation is present (to ensure clear title), and then exchange your check (or call you to authorize your bank to wire the funds to the owner for title to the plane).

Before the owner receives your money, the aircraft will be examined to make sure that all checklist items have been repaired properly. We may test fly the aircraft again (or have it done) to make sure nothing has broken. We will also check for other items that may have come up, because, although we don’t expect problems, we have seen just about everything happen, at least once. We will, for example, make sure the aircraft has not had an additional 50 hours put on it. We will check to make sure the logbooks have not been lost, or that a fuel truck has not backed into the aircraft since it was last inspected. We will do everything that is humanly possible to make sure you get what you expect. That is what the Buyers Advantage Program is all about.

EXPENSES – The expenses are nothing more, and many times less, that what you would spend if you were completing this program yourself. The most important factor is that we inform our customers of the cost involved before incurring any expenses, and you have the right to say “yes” or “no.” The biggest expenses will be transportation and overnight expenses in the event you elect to have us do the inspection personally and we were not able to get the aircraft transported to our home airport. Transportation cost is figured as follows: Round trip airline coach fare (on a major carrier, non-stop if available) plus overnight and meal expenses, if necessary. Airfare, overnight expenses and meals will also be quoted, up front, for your approval. In addition to the trip expenses, the current fee to a FAA approved title search company for the Title Search and Form 337 Search, combined, is approximately $160, including title search, 337 form search and chain of title search. It will cost $5 to register your aircraft with the FAA, once you take possession ($10 if you have financed the aircraft and the bank’s lien needs to be recorded, as well).


There are some things that we can promise and some things that we can’t. We promise you that we will be as careful in all phases of the program as though we were buying the aircraft for ourselves. We can’t promise how long the process will take because we are very selective. Although we have more sources available to us than anyone else does, we do not control what comes onto the market place. There are bad airplanes out there and a lot of overpriced aircraft. Typically we spend one month to find an aircraft; sometimes less and sometimes more.Buyer's & Sellers Advantage Programs

After 42 years of experience and buying over 5,500 General Aviation piston and turbine aircraft, there is no one better equipped then we are to negotiate the lowest price. That fact alone can save you many thousands of dollars and usually much more than the fee. We know all of the things to look for in the inspection including items that could cause costly repairs long into the future. We can save you time and much aggravation. The cost in time and money by not having to make wasted trips to look at junk can be considerable. Most important are the many dollars, and maybe your life, that can be saved by a complete inspection. For more information please call, email us or download a free PDF copy of "The Buyer's & Seller's Advantage Programs".


Eugene R. Unterman

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