1978 Cessna Turbo 310R

Only 4899 Total Time-1549 Since Remans L&R
602 on Three Bladed Hot Props
Full De-Ice

EXTERIOR-All over Vestal White, Dark Red and Gold Accents. Good glass.


Full De-Ice- All boots in excellent condition with no cracking or splitting. Only one patch on all boots combined. This aircraft also has the the inboard nacelle leading edge boots and the vertical fin boot. These boots are the high pressure type used in the known-ice installation.

Heated props, alky windshield, heated static and fuel vents and dual heated pilot systems.


This aircraft has had excellent maintenance it's entire life. Original and continuous logs. Even with the high time engines, the nacelles stay clean and there is almost no oil on the outboard gear legs after each flight - a huge accomplishment for a 310. All exhaust AD's complied with as of the last annual and recent 50 and 100 inspections on the exhaust. Many new exhaust parts in recent years.


Excellent De-Ice boots. VG kit with gross weight increase.
Very clean with no damage history. Factory corrosion Proofing.


Genuine Leather seats and side panels. The two front seats are the weakest part of the interior. The back four seats are in very good condition, as are the side panels and the carpet. Even the switch panel by the pilots left knee with the tall circuit breakers and switches is in very good condition, very rare for a 310. This aircraft has definitely had good care.
  • 400BIFCS Autopilot, Slaved HSI, Flight Director and Mode Controller
  • Full King Digital IFR
  • Full Co-Pilots panel with separate Pilot-Static system for complete redundancy
  • Argus Moving Map
  • Dual King KX165 Digital Flip Flop Nav Coms, Dual Glide Slope
  • King KR87 Digital ADF with approach Timer
  • Bendix Digital RDR230hp Color Radar
  • Northstar GPS 60 IFR Certified GPS
  • 400 Series RMI
  • Intercom system
  • Dual stage fuel pump modification done
  • Annual Due Oct. 1, 05
  • IFR Certifications Due July 1, 2007
  • Sync Tach with fuel flow meter
  • 203 gallons, max fuel
  • Factory 02

Priced to sell at $124,900