1968 Cessna 177 Cardinal
Only 5345TT, 1517 Since Major Overhaul
N3107T s/n 17700407

Paint- 1990 Strip and Paint. Allover Vestal White, Bahama Blue and Royal Gold.
Very nice condition.

Interior- New Fire Rated Interior Installed in 2010. All interior plastic pieces covered with fabric. Off White leather inserts with Dark Blue Fabric Trim.

Rosen Visors


  • Full IFR with IFR certified GPS for inroute and approach.
  • KMA24 Audio Panel with 3 lite markers.
  • King Garmin GNC 300XL IFR GPS and Comm coupled to Sendel HSI and autopilot.
  • Narco Mk 12 D Digital Flip Flop Nav-Com
  • Sandel “Glass” HSI Coupled to Autopilot
  • AT-150 Transponder with blind encoding altimeter.
  • JPI Fuel Flow
  • S-Tech 50 Autopilot System with altitude hold and coupled to HSI.
  • 60 amp alternator
  • Heavy Duty Battery
  • Belly Flashing Beacon Bulb
  • Fully articulating pilot and co-pilot seats
  • Fairingss
  • Digital Clock
  • Full Flow Oil Filter
  • Vacuum System
  • Rear Seat Ventilation System
  • Tow Bar
  • Radio Cooling System
  • Narco ELT-10
  • Westburg EGT CHT
  • Heating sSystem
  • True Airspeed Indicator
  • Flashing Beacon
  • Stall Warning
  • Internal Corrosion Proofing
  • Nav Light Detectors
  • Full Flow Oil Filter
  • Carb Temp Gauge
  • Ground Service Plug
  • Shoulder Harness Pilot and Co-pilot
  • Map Light
  • Courtesy Lights

Annual Due: May 2018

Misc- All log books since new, this is very rare, consistent history, no gaps, no living in corrosive environments and of course don’t forget the factory internal corrosion proofing. Recent new mags. IFR certifications due 3-11-18

Engine and Prop Details:

180HP O-360 Constant Speed Prop

Price: $38,900.00